Friday, March 11, 2005

Monday, March 07, 2005

A Monday Prayer

Hey God,

It's Monday morning and I am lingering at home with You for a few minutes before I plunge into another week. The weekend was very nice. I attended both of my favorite churches and heard two incredible messages. I see the role that they both play for me at this time and there is still a missing piece I think. Could I find a spiritual community that was a blend of the two? Could I help create such a community?

One of the thoughts that has been bobbing around in my mind for the past couple days is about how easy it is to sing praise songs and to worship you, but that is not living by faith. Jesus said to love You with all of my being and to love my neighbor as myself. The words sound sweet to say and to hear. I want to live a faith that is real and meaningful and beyond pretty words. May my actions and attitude, words and thoughts (yes, even my "private" thoughts) be loving and encouraging. Jesus, help me walk with You.

There are so many issues and challenges that seem to demand my time--so much to do. Direct my days and my activities in ways that I understand. Guide my life today and this week. Help me to notice Your presence. Grant me the courage to live in love with everyone. Help me make it real.

Thank You for the journey I am traveling. Thank You for the work that I have to do. Thank You for the abundance You share with me so generously.

I love you God!


(c) 2005 by
Richard L. Beattie