Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Turn the Heat Up?

It is extremely cold this morning in Metro Detroit. At 1:30 am on January 28, 2014 it is  -5° with the current forecast for a low this morning of -8° and it is windy.

It is currently -5° outside and a moment ago, I turned the thermostat up from 68° to 70°. This may seem underwhelming for you. Up to 70°? Really? What is the big deal Ric?

The big deal is that I can turn the thermostat up.

I am thinking about the people who, for many reasons, are not able to turn the heat up because they cannot afford the additional expense, they have no heat where they live, or they have no home.

This morning I am humbly grateful that:
    • I have a home with a furnace,
    • I can afford to turn the thermostat up,
    • that I can add a blanket,
    • for a warm soft bed,
    • for Porkchop who is a mini blast furnace laying next to me,
    • for the work that I am able to do in the community to make a difference for those who are not able to turn the heat up.
May the Spirit of Love open our hearts to follow in Jesus example and care for one another.
Blessings along the mystical journey,


(c) 2014 by Richard L. Beattie, all rights reserved