Tuesday, June 03, 2014

God Loves Me! Really.

During service last Sunday, we paid tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou who had made her transition into the Light on May 28. 2014. Part of our program was showing a video clip of a Super Soul Sunday segment where Oprah asked Dr. Angelou, "Where do you go for solace and comfort." Dr. Angelou shared that she was a student of Unity and then shared an idea she gleaned from the book Lessons in Truth that "God Loves Me." Maya shared the journey of that powerful idea from intellectual understanding to soul knowing.

In a sweet and mystical way, it feels like the Universe has hijacked this day, June 3, and used many elements to remind me that God Loves Me, too.

Understand that I deeply know that God love you and me and all of life. I speak it and teach it and am witness to the truth of it in the lives of people all around me.

Today, I am reminded that beyond my story about God loves me is the experience of Love that rushes into me and floods my soul, filling my entire being when I let it happen.

Since last Friday I had felt a cold settling into my chest. I took some supplements and powered through the weekend and even through a Monday morning appointment that my mom had for some lab work. I woke up several times early this morning coughing and feeling like I couldn't breathe. Okay, I knew that this was more than a cold so I went to the urgent care center and after an exam and X-ray got the diagnosis that there was a cloudy area in one of my lungs -  "walking pneumonia" and a prescription for an antibiotic. I even knew which drug would be dispensed. The doctor told me to take all the pills, drink plenty of fluids and get some rest if possible. All of this was very routine because about once every 12 or 18 months I get one of these infections.

Garden of Healing and Renewal

Miracles and Mitzvah

While I was waiting to be seen by the doctor, I sent an email to the church to let folks know where I was and after the diagnosis, I sent another email (my name is Ric and I am a smart phone addict) as had been requested to update my status.

When I got through the discharge process and got to my car, I noticed this garden across the street from where I parked - a Garden of Healing and Renewal. The sign and the scene felt inviting, peaceful and were a reminder for me to notice where Love was moving in my life.

Then the emails started. One of my colleagues let me know that several of my "to do's" over the next few days had been taken care of and that I had been banished from being part of our Adopt A Park project this weekend so I could take some time off. Then another colleague emailed that there was nothing going on that through the end of the week that needed my attention. A few seconds later, a text inquiring how I was and then a phone call to encourage me to take a couple of days off to heal and renew. Oh and to make plans for the vacation I had mentioned I wanted to take this fall.

When I got home, my neighbor was mowing the last small part of the bottom of the hill I had not had time to get to last Friday. Then a sweet message via Facebook. And another message from a colleague.

I got it. The Universe was conspiring to remind me that God loves me. The Garden of Healing and Renewal is a lovely garden and it can be a state of conscious, almost overwhelming awareness that God Loves Me. The simple, powerful Truth for me and for everyone. Life itself can be profound Spiritual Practice when I notice that God loves me and take that idea to heart.

If God loves me then I might find the ways to love me as well. God loves you too, so I can love too. I tend to live like a human doing at times. Time to balance the doing and being.

How and what is the Universe whispering to you this day? Better to get the message when it's a whisper.

Grace and Peace,


(c) 2014 by Richard L. Beattie, all rights reserved