Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Little Boy in Me

Today, I met a young boy who is bright, a bit shy, cute and who has been alone for a long time. It has been a while since he was able to give expression to himself.

The inquisitive, playful, frightened, precocious boy that I encountered is within me. I had not realized that he was really there or, if I was aware, I had left him behind. I now realize that in leaving him behind, I had left some of the best parts of my own character behind as well.

I am not sure where we go now, but I do know that we go together into this uncharted territory. Perhaps we can have a future unlike our past. Perhaps we can achieve a new sense of balance and purpose. Perhaps, together we will find love.

Ric and Richard are together at last!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Brokeback Mountain

A few hours ago I finally went to see Brokeback Mountain.

Damn! My emotions are so raw. I feel elated, angry, sad, enthralled and lusting. But above all of that I am RAW. And I have been to Brokeback Mountain. And I have been both Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist.

I cannot even really put my thoughts into words. I have not been so "opened up" by a movie in years, maybe since "the kiss" in Making Love.

My tears are not for Jack and Ennis, I do realize that they are fictional characters in a movie scrips and in a short story.

My tears are for me
And my tears are for the child in me.
And my tears are for my nieces.
And my tears are for us all.