Friday, June 01, 2007

My Nieces Ashley & Alicia Graduate

On Friday evening, June 1, 2007 two of my nieces, Ashely & Alicia "The Twins" graduated from Lake Orion High School. I am so proud of them and of my sister, Dion who has done an amazing job raising the wonderful young women as a single Mom and solo breadwinner.

I remember the day Dion told me she was pregnant and I remember the day she discovered she was pregnant with twins! I clearly recall; the first ultrasound pictures and the day of Ashley and Alicia's birth, first bottle and first cereal and first food all were memorable. First time I baby sat and first time to use a potty, fist overnight stay, first day of school, first ... My nieces had given me a wonderful glimpse of what a father must feel for which I am eternally grateful.