Friday, September 14, 2007

RJ the DJ and his journey to wholeness.miracles, blessing, prayer, healing

Do you ever think about the people that you "touch" that you do not know?

Most of us give some thought to the ways we affect the lives of those who are close to us--family, friends and co-workers. But what about those people that you have never met but have a connection with in some way?

I have been writing prayers for several years and many of them have been sent out from Renaissance Unity over the years in the form of a daily inspirational email message. Occasionally, I become aware of one of these prayers being posted on a website or blog.

This morning, I discovered one of my prayers posted on a blog called

I Am Doing Great- Just Like You which is published by a guy named RJ. His "handle" is DJ-RJ because he is a DJ in Austin, Texas. Since May of this year RJ has been blogging his experience of cancer treatment and healing. As I read his story, tears filled my eyes. Tears of joy and connection and blessing. Tears of the Oneness.

I have never met RJ but we have connected in that wonderful way that only Spirit can orchestrate. His story of moving through this experience and facing many challenges both health wise and financially touch me deeply. His quiet courage and remarkable faith inspire me. The journey is not over for RJ, but I can tell you he has already won the prize! If you have a few moments, check out RJ's blog.

We can share a blessing so easily. Perhaps your gift to the world today is a smile at a stranger or a kind word to someone who passes your way.

I invite you to join me in this prayer for RJ.

Dear God,

Thank You for RJ.

Thank You for the clarity and strength of his gentle words

which are a passionate and powerful witnesses to Your love.

Thank You for his willingness to share this journey

of healing and hope which is a blessing to many people.

Thank You for divine order and harmony

which are now established in his body and affairs.

We give thanks for Your Light as it shines brightly through RJ

transforming all that it touches.

In Your name we bless RJ and all who love him.

Expand their experience of health, joy, peace, harmony, abundance and love.

We know that You are the one life that lives in and as us all.

So it Is!


--Ric Beattie

(c) 2007 by Richard L. Beattie - all rights are reserved.