Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New Tuesday Morning Pattern

Happy Tuesday! It is a sold and sunny spring morning. Today is also the dawn of a new day for me for a new pattern is emerging.

The Journey Is My Home
As write these words, the people I have worked with for the past 14+ years are gathering in a staff meeting which is followed by a Sunday planning meeting. I will work with several of these dear friends later today and for several days in the near future as I attempt to wrap up some of the projects that have been mine and document many things that others will need to know.

I am acutely aware that this morning begins a different and new pattern for all of us. I have come to a fork in the road, I am branching off and forming a new pattern.

I realize I am on a bit of an emotional hangover following the activities of this past weekend.

Friday night was the 4th annual Daddy/Daughter Princess Dance at Renaissance Unity,  a magical experience that brought up all the fatherly feelings I tend to tuck away. I escorted the 4 year old (almost) daughter of two dear friends. What a treasured memory. Gay men of my generation seldom thought of having children, unless we had gotten married in attempts to deny or hide who were were inside.

The service and reception at Renaissance Unity​ on Sunday morning was a celebration of our community and our shared journey these past several years. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my perspective and call to Rise Up into the next grandest version of who we are, individually and as a community. After service, we had a reception in Fellowship Hall and I saw a video that was put together of photos and music has brought me to tears several times. So much of life shared with people that I love. My heart is filled with gratitude.

Long before I knew I would be celebrating my final Sunday as a member of the Ministerial Team at Renaissance Unity on March 22, I had booked myself to deliver the Sunday lesson at Fellowship For Today​ in East Lansing. FFT has been a part of several pivotal times in my life and this engagement was no exception. I spoke on the topic Forgiveness is my Function. I always teach what I need to learn which is amazing.

Usually Monday is a day of rest for me, my Sabbath. This Monday unexpectedly brought two more gifts.

I was privileged to spend two hours in a pastoral visit with a sweet couple who have been part of Renaissance Unity for 40 years. As they navigate together through the last stages of his earthly life, they shared the story of their marriage with the ups and downs that a 55 years relationship brings. I watched them care for one another. There was an openness in the sharing that seems to come when all the superfluous stuff falls away and we stand naked in the essence of who we are at heart. Many reminders of ways we stand on the shoulders of people who have come before us and why it is important that we maintain a solid foundation for the future for some day someone may stand on our shoulders too.

The second Monday gift is newly forming friendship with a recent acquaintance who comes from another culture, perspective and religious tradition. A man who is disarmingly open and interesting. Blessings for him and his wife. The energy between us feels very much like the energy between a father and son or at least how I have imagined it might be from the perspective a my being a dad.

Time to move forward with the day for there is work that is waiting for me at Renaissance Unity and worship planning work as I prepare for Good Friday and Easter Sunday at Unity of Royal Oak.

Thanks Loving Spirit. I love the life You live through me.

Always in Love,


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