Friday, April 13, 2007

The Other is me.

There has been a lot of press recently about Imus being fired for his remarks about the Rutgers Women's' Basketball Team. Beyond the obvious issue of the racist and one wonders "what was he thinking" remarks which ignited the firestorm; I cannot help but notice the intense polarity between folks getting behind Imus and against him.

ABC News: Imus' Wife: Send All Hate Mail to Him

It jumped at me as I read -- here is another issue to add to the already enormous and growing every day it seems--list of issues arising in our world at this time that sharply divide people:

War & Peace in Iraq and elsewhere
Republicans & Democrats
liberals & conservatives
gay & straight & Bi
brown & pink & more & mixed race people
moderate conservatives & the radical right
moderate liberals and the way off on the left
The ways we understand, think about and experience that Presence which some call God/Allah/Jesus/The Christ/Atman/The One/Mind/Spirit/Great Spirit
You are with us or you are with terrorists
us and "those people"
God Bless American & ? for the rest of the planet
urban & suburban & rural
Wars on: each other, terror, drugs, poverty, pregnancy, welfare, illegal immigration
______________ & ______________

We are creating more and more ways to see our selves as divided and thereby we feel increasingly divided and separate. Could it be that we look more closely for the oher than we do for our neighbor?

Always in Love,


PS. It's No Secret: what we focus on expands &
what we try to defend ourselves from we draw into our experience

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