Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lessons Learned While Doing the Laundry

What To Do With The Single Socks? - Random thoughts while doing laundry on October 12, 2014

  • If suddenly all my outer clothing disappeared in the middle of a sermon, and I were standing there in my underwear and socks, what would the appearance and fit of the garments say about me?
    • Time to retire some of this to the rag box. I lovingly appreciate past service and find a meaningful way to repurpose this item.
    • Too many “holey” and not enough whole items.
    • How long has it been since I really looked at the clothing I am folding?
    • Some things that are comfortable and warn and I've had for a long time need to go into the rag box and this includes some clothes.
  • An end to keeping my underwear and socks segregated!
  • Socks
    • Now mated (only) socks of any color are in one drawer.
    • Someone must steal a random sock or two per week from my dirty clothes because there is always a solo sock when I am done mating the clean socks.
    • I throw out both socks in a pair even if only one sock has a hole so that is not a cause for the singularity. I assumed that would nip this missing sock thing. So far, I have more single socks than ever.
    • How long should the solo socks that used to be glob in the drawer be kept awaiting the matching sock to reappear?
    • Should I tag the singular items with a destroy after date?
    • What use for socks that are no longer part of a pair is there?
      • Dusting furniture is one use.
  • Underwear
    • All the underwear are in one drawer regardless of color or style.
    • After 45+ years of folding briefs one way, I adopted a more efficient (for my current dresser) approach proving that seasoned dawgs can learn new tricks.
    • Worn out undershirts make great rags
    • How long do I think I need to keep the pair of briefs that I never wear because they fit weird?
    • Why do the sexy briefs always look better on the models than in the mirror?
  • I have been taking a glob of lint out of the screen after drying each load and a large glob after loads of towels or white socks and underwear for many, many years. How long can this go on before articles of clothing just vanish?
    • Perhaps this is where the missing socks go, they are transformed into lint and whisked away with the rubbish.
  • The moment I think the laundry is done and there are no more dirty clothes in the entire house, I find something to throw in the basket that was missed.

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