Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Step by step, choice by choice the journey continues

It's the fifth anniversary of my brother Matt's death. Mother's day is near and Father's day not far away. The anniversary of my father's death and my mother's are just passed. I share pictures of Matt, Mom, my Grandmothers, Dad, Erik and others not because I am living in the past but because they are all alive in me as memories, mannerisms and habit patterns (good and bad) and genetic material. I re-member and celebrate them all.

I am grateful for Darrin and Dion and both of their families. Forty five years ago I graduated from Lake Orion High School and began to move out into the world and shape my life.  It has been an amazing, mind blowing journey. Not everything has come out as I had planned and some of my choices brought tough lessons. Lake Orion to Detroit, Rochester, Ferndale, Los Angeles, Rochester, Ventura, Lake Orion and back to Rochester. Cook,machine operator, computer geek, manager, executive manager and not minister. Each step, opening doors and closing others, every winter has been followed by spring