Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Prayer for Healing of the Gulf of Mexico

Loving Spirit,

We join in prayer for the healing of all creatures, people, plants and waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
We have long known that we are connected to all life.
Now, more than ever before, our hearts are also aware of this truth.
There is only One Life, One Presence, One Power.
This One Life is shared by all living things.
We recognize that there is no them only us.
We know that all things are working together for our good.
Divine wisdom and guidance are now directing the efforts to stop the oil spill and restore the balance.
May this tragedy become a point of awakening and transformation.
We are willing to become better stewards of this beautiful Earth.
We are willing to change the way we live.
Teach us Your peaceful way to be a harmonious part of the whole.
We pray in the name and nature of our Way-shower, Jesus Christ.
Thank You.

Copyright © 06/23/2010 by Richard L. Beattie