Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Dear God,

Please help us look at what happened after Katrina ploughed into the Gulf Coast without judging each other or ourselves.
This is not about Republicans or Democrats.
This is not about liberal or conservative.
This is not about liturgical or evangelical.
This is not about Jew or Muslim or Christian.
This is about people.
This is about Human Beings!
This is about Fellow Earthlings.
This is about Family.
And this is a shame.
Shame on us for our arrogance and unwillingness to do everything we could do.
Now and then.
Recently and historically.
It is time to change the way we live,
individually and collectively.
Help us God to get over our ego's and ourselves.

(c) Copyright - by Richard L. Beattie on Sept 6, 2005


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