Saturday, March 31, 2012

Last Day - Shelter Week - Day 7

One of our objectives when we planned the overall Shelter Week project was for our guests to know that they were honored guests. We wanted to provide a warm inviting experience overall, good food served in a pleasant environment and as much comfort in the sleeping arrangements as we could under the circumstances.

In New Thought we teach that The Christ is the essence of all people and we set an intention to allow this Truth to guide our decisions and operations.

The original meal plan called for leftovers for the Saturday evening meal, with the addition of pizza to fill in the gap because we didn't want to waste any food. As the week progressed, we had eaten all the food and almost all the soup we had prepared. In fact, we had to prepare two additional batches of soup just to make it through Friday night. So Chef John, one of the two food service professionals who had been involved with planning of our menus, called together a small team of people who prepared an amazing celebration in food for our final evening meal. Starting with forty pounds of poached boneless skinless chicken breasts and a productive trip to Randazzo's with some wonderful produce on sale, a spectacular feast was prepared.

Our volunteers were in top form as we received 84 guests and presented them with a great meal  served from a state of absolute love. You could feel the Holy Spirit everywhere in a powerful way. We had moved beyond having guests to receiving people we are connected to by names, recognition and stories revealing many similar experiences.

Tonight, I discovered I had become pastor to many in this extended congregation. I also watched as the members of Renaissance Unity were actively ministering to these amazing souls who have provided us with the opportunities to shatter stereotypes, confront prejudices and be more authentically who we really are called to be in the world. We saw ourselves where we had seen other. We experienced a small sense of Oneness and lived out the Old Testament idea of hospitality plus the command of Jesus to love one another.

I will never be the same.

Thank You God!

The first chapter has been completed, what is Your next assignment for us?

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