Friday, January 07, 2011

River Rushes Over Me

Hey God,

You are the River like in this song
running through my life.
Sometimes gentle
and sometimes
wild and raging.
W i d e then narrow, 
fast and all at once still and serene.

I am once again navigating the rapids of change.
Life is asking more of me.
my past life 
is rushing up in its wild and raw state-- flooding my mind and emotions.
In the very moment I am overwhelmed by shame and anger
The River washes over me
Grace floods my heart and awareness.
I am a little smoother for the journey.
Oh Yeah!

Always in Love,


"Rolling River God" performed by Bridgette Bryant at Agape

(c) 2011 Richard L, Beattie , all rights reserved.

1 comment:

Diana M. said...

I am still weeping from that song! Wow,how powerful was that. I so need every reminder that I'm on an amazing, trans formative journey. It is one of personal healing and healing with my love, Andrew. We help each other grow as we lovingly take a look at and forgive our past. Thank you, Ric, this was wonderful!
Love, Diana M.