Saturday, February 12, 2005

Awesome Day

Sweet Jesus,

What a glorious day this has been.
The new client and new possibilities are wonderful. Thank You God!
Thank You for leading me to attend church tonight to hear a terrific message.
Thank You for the consciousness awareness of Your presence.
Intellectually, I know that You are always with me.
But, when I actually notice that awareness, it is so sweet and deliscious.
Hold me close to Your sacred heart.
Sweet dreams of Your love and peace bless my sleep and renew my spirit.
I love You.

Ric Beattie

02/12/05 - copyright (c) 2005 by Richard L. Beattie


Number2 said...

Why do blogs not attract comments?

Ric Beattie said...

Hi there.

I see we share a name, and some skills (I am in the IT field) and I am very involved in a church. Glad to make your acquaintence.

As to why people don't comment on blogs, I don't have a clue. I always wonder if anyone is reading the thing? Not that it really amtters.