Monday, February 14, 2005

Celebration of Love

Happy Valentines Day!

Some say this day was created by the greeting card companies and floral industry and maybe that is true. But so what?

I think that being focused on love in a big way for a day is a wonderful thing. Valentines day is not about what you buy for your spouse or lover, it is not about how large a bouquet of flowers you send. This holiday can be about opening our hearts to those we care about and letting them know how we feel.

The bible tells us that God is love. On this St. Valentines day, let us acknowledge the sacred source of love and hold this day holy by keeping it real and honest and close to our hearts.

Dear God,

Thank You for Your love which fills and fuels our lives.
Thank You for love and for the people who love us.
Today, we open our hearts to each other and share what we feel without reservation.
Expand our ability to care deeply for one another and for our selves.
Help us not get hung-up on who or what introduced this holiday but focus instead on the incredible intention to bring more love into being in our world.
Instead of being caught in the frenzy to purchase the best, prettiest and most extravagant gift;
we intend to be open, honest and loving today and always.

Ric Beattie

copyright (c) 2005 by Richard L. Beattie

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