Monday, December 27, 2010

Farewell Miss Jeannie

I attended the memorial service for a giant of a woman this afternoon. Rest In peace Jeanne Frazier, thou good and faithful servant. Miss Jeannie as we called her at church, was an amazing woman. Her faith was enormous and her word was impeccable. She would often call you, "my love" in a way that made you know she meant it.

Miss Jeanie was grateful for every moment and rooted in the present in a powerful way. Thank you for sharing your gifts and faith with so many of us.

Otherwise, this has been a slow down take it easy day off. A bit of a cold is trying to settle in so a great day for some reading in " A Course in Weight Loss" in order to finalize our upcoming class. Many people expressed interest in being part of this journey. Come Holy Spirit and take us to the core of the issue.

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