Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Third day of this new year.

Today, I notice that I am grateful for:
  1. Realizing the fresh apple cake I baked (to use up the apples right) will be gone today. Yeah!
  2. The interesting ways that hope grows in me. In particular the posting by a friend living in Germany, about a housing development in the United Kingdom that allows its residents to live within their share of our  planets resources.
  3. The love and support expressed at the passing of a colleague
  4. Finally connecting with the family for tomorrow's funeral
  5. Having Sandy back at our Leadership Team meeting
  6. The heater in my car
  7. Refocusing on my own health after the multiple distractions of the holidays
  8. A workable plan for Master Mind Small Groups
  9. Reconnecting with my dear friend Al after many years
  10. Getting the order of service prepared on time

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