Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Week of R&B (Rice & Beans) Completed

Rice and Mung Beans with friends!
Eat Less Give Life!

In the incredible way that Divine Order manifests in my experience, It is so perfect that the final meal of rice & beans (in this experiment) was prepared by my friend Chef John and was shared with friends as we took a break from food prepping for our Homeless Shelter Week #4. We enjoyed a tasty lunch of mung beans, nicely spice and cooked into an porridge like consistency.

I have had many "ah ha" experiences this week, many opportunities to reflect and notice changes happening in my thinking and, I suspect, in my living as well.

  • Once again, I have learned that plant based meals are tasty, satisfying and easy.
  • Like most things, when I really pay attention to my patterns and thinking there are simple changes, small shifts, that I can make that have incredible and positive results.
  • I spend more money that I am comfortable with on food, especially eating out. When I calculated what I did not spend of food this week, the number was startling. Spirit has nudged me with a place to put that money to use.
  • Eating mindfully is a powerful spiritual practice.
  • This has been a journey, taken with others, that I will never see or know. People all over the planet who eat sustenance  meals such rice & beans, rice & noodles, potatoes, yarrow root and more.
  • The experience has been deeply spiritual.
  • Rice and beans are great for breakfast!
  • I am being called by Love to simplify my routines, my practice my thinking and my life.
  • I intend to incorporate more plant based meals into my weekly diet.
  • I loved taking this journey in community
  • More to follow ...
Thanks God for this powerful way to be aware.

Always in Love,



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Unknown said...

What a great posting, reminding us that eating "light" is more than about the food. Thanks for sharing your insight.