Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday Morning With Mamma

Porkchop and I are spending the day sitting with mom so that Dion can get some things accomplished.

Duane and Randy came by which was very sweet. Got a chance to meet mom's hospice nurse and the social worker. Both are very nice.

No matter what I might think I want to talk about with my mother, she doesn't really want to talk. She's chased several people out of her room who want to get too teary and sappy. I think I have just known better.

My mother and I have had plenty of times to talk over the last three years. Talk about the end of life, reminisce about the odd and quirky and strange things that we've done. Moving on sleds one time and her struggle to raise us. I have let my mother know many times how much I appreciate her and how often I have wondered how she managed to get by and she has told me how much she loves me.

I was thinking we might talk some today but mom is sleeping peacefully and Porkchop is laying up on her bed with her.  I tried to write a little and read a little and keep my mind in the moment.

Late afternoon and Ashley and Alicia come by to visit with their grandma. Mostly we visit  my sister, her girls and me. I understand our brother Darrin will be home later today, and I wonder how he's been feeling once again being on the road when things shift.

Not sure what the next few days hold, but today all is well.

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