Saturday, March 26, 2016

Yes, a Good Friday.

I am thinking now about how much fun I've had with my mom over these 60 plus years. We've played a lot of card and board games and laughed so hard our sides hurt. One of the big lessons mom has taught be example is that having fun doesn't have to be costly. We've done a lot of crazy things  and a whole lot of just everyday stuff.

As I sat with my mom today I noticed that she was having a lot of periods of REM rapid eye movement sleep. I wonder what she's dreaming about now?

Mama's farther away today yet her energy iss still strong. She didn't really rally while I was with her. Or maybe she did just a little bit. It is as though two dimensions are intersecting. Initially she was more here; now she is more there.

I love you Mom. And I'm grateful for you, because I wouldn't have become me without you.

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