Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Musical Moments & More

Mom has always loved music and she has shared a lot of music with  us over the years. I also have an eclectic and far ranging interest in music. I heard this song called "EYE" by the group Brandi Carlisle on SiriusXM Coffee House  a few months ago. One day it came on the radio when I was driving mom to a doctor appointment and she loved it. So I got would play it for he on Youtube and she would sing along. Tonight, I streamed the  song while I was sitting with her and she sang parts of the chorus. "You can dance in a hurricane, but only if you're standing in the eye."
Occasionally over the last few months mom would ask me to play some songs for her, often Cat Stevens or Elton John. We would sit ant my house and I'd cast Youtbube to the TV and she would listen and laugh. I shared many groups that she had not heard of like HomeFree -  a favorite of mine who sing country acapella. She likes their version of Ring of Fire

There was a VeggieTales song popular when my three nieces, Ashley, Alicia and Jordan were small called "A Bushel And A Peck" that was a kids version of the musical from Guy's and Dolls. Mom would sing the Doris Day song with the girls adding a few lyrics of her own and they all loved it. This evening while sitting with mom, I started to sing the song and she opened her eye and then sang along.

I am grateful for today's moments and memories with mom and also grateful for the presence of family gathered in conversation and sharing a meal as we hold a space for mom. Many in their turn sitting with mom and sharing love. Love my family.

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Pat Snyder said...

my mother passed from lung cancer 18 years ago, I remember having an early Thanksgiving dinner for her and brothers and sister sharing time with her. My mother thought she wasn't good enough to go to heaven, her religions Catholic and penticostal had failed her in bringing comfort. I tried to ease her worries but don't know if it helped or not. We cherished every moment as you are now. You will continue to have mom in spirit, as I am sure you know. She will impact the rest of your life and never be gone or lost as you hear those words after her passing. Love to you and yours Ric. Been there and done this with my child, and both parents too. We survive and always feel their love with us.