Monday, August 27, 2018

Grateful Me - Day 1

 Several years ago my friend and mentor/teacher Martha Creek shared this challenge during a talk she gave at Renaissance Unity. Create a gratitude journal and everyday for 30 days find at least 10 things you are grateful for without repeating. Yesterday, I challenged our congregation at Unity of Royal where I am Spiritual Leader and Pastor to embark on this same journey with me. So here we go!
Today, I am grateful for:

  1. My initial encounter with Unity and its New Thought/Ancient Wisdom teachings in 1976 at Unity of The Infinite with Jack Boland. My life has never been the same.
  2. Martha Creek whose example, teaching and advice has propelled me to a deeper knowing of myself and a closer "walk with Spirit."
  3. The Privilege of being the Spiritual Leader of the amazing Community for Conscious Living called Unity of Royal Oak.
  4. Karen Drucker who is a singer and songwriter of powerful & uplifting songs that touch the heart. Such as the one in the blog post.
  5. My sweet dog Porkchop who is sleeping in his bed next to my desk and is currently snoring. 
  6. Genisys Credit Union where I have been a member for 27 years. Awesome service.
  7. My friend and member of our congregation, Nick Hill, who waters, nurtures and maintains our beautiful grounds. He was out watering this morning when I stopped in for at 9 although it is my day off.
  8. Having Monday off.
  9. The New Thought Network which provides hours of positive lectures and inspiration .
  10. The self awareness to live and be without blaming any one for anything.

I am grateful for you!


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