Monday, November 23, 2020

Thanks In All Things - November 23, 2020


This practice is about identifying 10 things each day for which I am grateful without repeating as I Give Thanks In All Things:

  1. The tree that fell during the storm on Nov 15 at URO didn't hit the neighbors garage.
  2. The Monday morning edition of Wake Up with Ric & Joe Zoom.
  3. Finding Nick at church cleaning up the leaves in the flowerbeds. Grateful me.
  4. Ashley shared with me that Owen has croup, not something worse.
  5. My dog, Porkchop, snoring in his bed under my desk.
  6. Ashley hooking the surround sound back up over the weekend.
  7. The news that the Michigan Board of Canvassers has certified our election results.
  8. High-Speed Internet!
  9. Lunchtime meeting with Daniel our treasurer.
  10. A quiet evening watching the 3 DVD minmi series Dune, the director's cut.

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