Sunday, November 22, 2020

Thanks In All Things - November 22, 2020

This practice is about identifying 10 things each day for which I am grateful without repeating as I Give Thanks In All Things:
  1. My parents coming together to conceive me which led to my birth 65 years ago today.
  2. A week off to think, pray and play.
  3. An early text from my friend max wishing me a happy birthday.
  4. The presence of mind to re-record the talk that was streamed today midweek because the original version was not very strong.
  5. A family & community Zoom call after service today.
  6. Owen running to me this morning to give me a hug and then running back and forth between his mother and me wanting hugs.
  7. The first real snow of the season.
  8. My dear friend Angela.
  9. Understanding that I have many options.
  10. The power to choose and to choose again as needed.

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