Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thanks In All Things - November 26 - Thanksgiving Day

This practice is about identifying 10 things each day for which I am grateful without repeating as I Give Thanks In All Things:

  1. The hardy souls who showed up on our Thanksgiving Morning Zoom.
  2. Watching Ashley navigate her way to cooking the first turkey on her own.
  3. Paper towel cardboard tubes in the charcoal starter chimney hack I learned this summer.
  4. My siblings on our first family Zoom call which was organized by Alicia for Thanksgiving.
  5. Smoking the turkey on my Weber Kettle grill.
  6. Resolving the issue Ashley and I had to text each other since I upgraded to a new phone this week.
  7. Finally figuring out how to remove L2 - one of the living room lamps from the Home app.
  8. An overall beautiful albeit different Thanksgiving Day.
  9. Not needing to rush to get to someone else's house on time.
  10. A wonderful Thanksgiving Meal!
  11. Leftovers in the fridge!

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