Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Day 3 - I Give Thanks For ...

My current gratitude practice is to share at least 10 things I am grateful for each day.

Yours Truly with a car full of turkey dinner.
Today, I give thanks for ...

  1. The Outreach Team at Unity of Royal Oak whop are making Love real and felt.
  2. The sixteen families we were able to provide a Complete Thanksgiving Meal.
  3. The joy of delivering some of those meals.
  4. The Life that fills our center several days a week through the volunteers and staff members. When I started in 2015, many weeks, I was the only person in the building during the weekdays.
  5. My recently purchased Ford Escape which I have used several times to transport items that would not have fit in my previous car.
  6. The opportunity to connect with the Unity Of Royal Oak Music Makers at their rehearsal for Christmas Eve. 
  7. A 52° day on November 26, Wow!
  8. Our church elf (Nick) hauling all of the Christmas decorations up out of the basement.
  9. Being able to sleep in this morning because I was tired and I knew that URO was open and humming along.
  10. Harvey's big heart for driving a coworker home to Algonac because his tie rod broke. Love in action.

Always in Love,


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