Friday, November 23, 2012

Giving Thanks - Day 2 - The Day after Thanksgiving Day

Today, I give thanks for:
  1. Kristen Diffendale and James Keane, the couple in the picture, who are getting married tonight with a focus on giving the gift of their celebration to the Breezy Point neighborhood where they life. Read their incredible story of Love Among the Ruins.
  2. Friends Maryann, John and Randy, -- among others -- who lovingly punked me yesterday by summoning me to lead a prayer during our Thanksgiving Dinner at church, only to surprise me with a Birthday cake and singing Happy Birthday. Oh, and we did have a prayer. Then Rev. Jim Lee and Mitzi our Board president, had the entire assemblage sing to me again. I am learning to receive, thanks Love! 
  3. The many expressions of love shared in cards, emails, texts, in box and Facebook posts yesterday. I am amazingly blessed by the love and friendship of so many incredible and interesting people. 
  4. The stick it through to the "end of the dishes" people like Carole and Linda who went out the door the same time I did last night. 
  5. This quiet, windy November morning to reflect on a wonderful day yesterday and to ponder our theme for this holiday season, "Find Your Way." 
  6. Being able to take a bunch of left over dinner rolls and salad to the local mission this morning. 
  7. The appearance last year of a chef right before our Thanksgiving Dinner, who, along with his partner, have become such wonderful friends. This year, for the first time in more ten years, I never had an apron on. As much as I love to cook, this freedom allowed me to be pastor for our congregation. So cool! 
  8. Being trustworthy so that others are comfortable to pour out their hearts and release long held burdens while being personally grounded enough to not take on their pain. 
  9. Having reestablished the habit of making my bed everyday by doing it, no matter what, for more than 90 days in a row. 
  10. Feeling absolutely no need to go out and buy any on sale stuff today to make me happy, forget, feel better or superior. All I need now, I have now.

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