Saturday, November 24, 2012

Giving Thanks - Day 3

Today, I am grateful for:

  1. The incredible nurses and doctors at St. Joesph Mercy Hospital -  Oakland who cared for my mom when I took her back to ER last night with a very low pulse rate.
  2. Not receiving a phone call from the CCU at the hospital during the night. (When I left we had no idea where or how things were headed.)
  3. Moms heart rate in a normal range after her medications have worn off.
  4. Being able to spend some time with my brother Matt today and get his shopping done.
  5. Not needing to purchase anything at the grocery store today. 
  6. Matt buying me a belated birthday lunch.
  7. Knowing when it was time to go home and let mom be cared for by the nurses, getting my emotions out of the way.
  8. Coming home and discovering that my roommate made dinner.
  9. Sharing a bunch of leftover dinner rolls from Thanksgiving with a local mission.
  10. The warm purple glow of the night table lamp next to my bed.


Unknown said...

Leftover SINNER rolls....oh dear Ric! LOL Your typo made me laugh!

Ric Beattie said...

Indeed, I converted the sinner to dinner. Woot!