Sunday, November 25, 2012

Giving Thanks - Day 4 - A gratitude journaling journey.

1st Sticking Snowfall of 2012-2013
I am grateful for:
  1. A dual alarm clock set with thirty minutes between wake-ups. Love the extra snooze after the first wake-up.
  2. The warm bed I sleep in cradled by a  comfy memory foam mattress purchased earlier this year.
  3. The quiet hush of the first "sticking-on-the-ground" snowfall of the season painting a new view on my familiar backyard scene.
  4. The almost over whelming love and prayer support for my mom.
  5. The people of St. Louis Catholic Church in Mt. Clemens who are the hosts for the first week of the the 2012-2013 MCWC Rotating Shelter Week Season. (Our first week of being hosts begins on 12/30)
  6. Hot coffee from my kitchen in my cup.
  7. A hot shower.
  8. Clean clothes to wear to work.
  9. A job that I enjoy so much it is seldom like work at all.
  10. A car to drive to work.

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