Thursday, December 06, 2012

Day 15 on this journey in Gratitude

On this Thursday, I give thanks for:

  1. An alarm clock I can set by pushing buttons instead of going through all the way around the hours.
  2. Hot running water in the house.
  3. The way water runs completely over me in the shower.
  4. Returning strength and vitality which allowed me to work the all day.
  5. Reconnecting with Debra Kritzman Fielder after so many years. She and her husband Perry, were featured in a St. Vincent de Paul telethon spot which let me know she was back in Michigan. A quick Facebook search discovered that she had recently created an account.
  6. Facebook which connects so so many incredible people.
  7. Watching an interesting documentary on Norse mythology and particularly on Thor. This is Thor's Day - Thursday.
  8. A very cool oblong covered dutch kettle that mom has acquired from someplace that I have used to cook several meals.
  9. Catching the gleam in my sister's entire being as she has remodeled her house room by room. She inspires me in that she keeps on going in spite of bumps is the road.
  10. A very pleasant evening and meal shared with Mom, Mike and Matt.

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