Saturday, December 01, 2012

Giving Thanks for ten days of giving thanks.

2012 Christmas Volunteer Pot Luck
On this tenth day of noticing the many blessings I experience, I am thankful for:

  1. The many wonderful and amazing Renaissance Unity volunteers who give of themselves and invite Spirit to flow into expression through their lives.
  2. A short nap in my car while brother Matt grocery shopped.
  3. Unseasonably warm weather for the first of December.
  4. Remembering the many friends and colleagues that lost their lives to HIV/AIDS
  5. Cooking dinner for mom and Mike tonight, she liked the meatloaf!
  6. Noticing how happy Dion was to get a break tonight and paint her dining room.
  7. Darrin having the opportunity to fuss with mom today.
  8. The quiet calm that fills me and whispers, "It will all get done" even though all of my projects are behind my schedule.
  9. A call from a dear friend just to check up on me tonight.
  10. Airborne, green tea and Ester C are quickly relieving my congestion and scratchy throat.
  11. Catching up with daily blogging!

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