Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Thanks for a Fortnight of Gratitude

On this fourteenth day in this journey, I am grateful for:
  1. Vernors ginger ale (especially when I am sick).
  2. Health insurance.
  3. The clarity that comes when I release what I think I know and look brand new at a project/challenge/my life.
  4. Celtic Christmas music.
  5. Being able to return to work today, even if it was only for a short time.
  6. The restorative powers of the human body that are manifest through sleep.
  7. The deep peace that flows from knowing that all things are working together for good. For me, my family and for all of us.
  8. Deep and profound conversations between my mother and I that seem to take advantage of the medical journey that she is facing now.
  9. When I picked up mom for her appointment with her kidney specialist today, my brother Darrin was putting mom's Christmas tree up.
  10. A sweet dinner shared with Dion & Ashley at Oxford Nugget reminded me of how much I love my wonderful family.

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