Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Fourth Day of Christmas

Four Calling Birds
Today, I am grateful for these among other things:

  1. The confidence Tom and Greg place in me to serve the spiritual needs for a growing number of their clients.
  2. Meeting & working with Cheryl's family, such sweetness.
  3. Automatic Traffic Signals
  4. My neighbor giving me his old PC so I can make a Linux jukebox out if it.
  5. remembering to communicate next Wednesday's funeral plans to the staff a week in advance, WOOT!
  6. The opportunity to remember Gus' Roadhouse and family memories there as I researched for Cheryl's service.
  7. Growing up in Lake Orion
  8. B.A. comments about how much The Work has helped him after a couple of conversations and a single Worksheet. 
  9. A beautiful crescent moon in the sky, visible from my office tonight.
  10. Being invited to Craig's birthday party.
  11. Acting on the thought to check in on M.S.

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