Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Season of Light

Dear God - Today, I am Grateful for:
  1. Hanukkah, The Festival of Lights, celebrating the re-dedication of the Temple, begins this evening at sundown.
  2. Loving the anticipation of seeing Wicked tonight with a dear group of friends.
  3. We are having dinner at a restaurant I have not visited before, which adds to the excitement of the evening!
  4. The Light of this Holy Season
  5. The way this video from Agape, Standing On the Power of Love, gets me moving in the morning!
  6. Patrick, our waiter at Andiamo's at the Renaissance Center.
  7. Making it into the theater and to our seats with 2 minutes to spare.
  8. A most amazing play - Wicked!
  9. Awesome band of com-padres.
  10. Great first experience at the Detroit Opera House
  11. So many future sermon ideas from the play.
  12. Finding some of the music on YouTube when I got home.

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