Sunday, November 20, 2011

Second Grateful Week!

Today, my heart is happy about:

From my friends at

  1. An Awesome Youth of Unity bake sale today
  2. Cake auction success and fun, who knew I could be an auctioneer?
  3. The Interfaith Center for Racial Justice annual Interfaith Thanksgiving service this afternoon.
  4. Being invited to share as a part of a Prayer Forum at Fellowship for Today.
  5. The marvelous way everything turned out around the Flute Concert which I had not properly entered in my calendar. Cindy, April & Kathy had a good time and the day was not wrecked for my friend.
  6. Meeting author Sal Sapienza and his partner Gregg Smith
  7. The idea that Mark Fuss would ask Sal to make sure to get me to the next GLBT retreat at Unity Village
  8. The energy & friendship of Brad Miller
  9. Realizing more and more that life is a process of prayerful awareness and fun!
  10. A beautiful, just over an hour, drive home from Fellowship For Today last night.
  11. Great conversation with my sister-in-law Stephanie.
  12. The happy glow I feel as I reflect on the activities of this day.

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