Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Day

On this day we dedicate to giving thanks, I am grateful for:

  1. Getting to the church to open it on time today.
  2. Wonderful mixture of seasoned volunteers and brand new folks created an amazing energy and excited.
  3. My dear friend Rev. Karen Boland who started this Community Thanksgiving Feast 37 years ago.
  4. The great honor of continuing in her footsteps (although not in her shoes ☺)
  5.  Being able to step back from the kitchen and attend to the big picture of the event this year.
  6. The way that this established event shifts slightly to accommodate new ideas and energy while retaining its essence.
  7. The generous outpouring of support, turkeys and mashed potatoes that our Renaissance Community delivered in waves of plenty and abundance.
  8. The idea that we all cooked our turkeys, mashed potatoes and stuffing at home individually and brought the dishes to church where a dedicated group of volunteers mixed everything together with love. What a modeling for sharing our resources for the good of all.
  9. The 325 people from every age group, family & marital status, sexual orientation and gender identity came together in celebration and as family for a few hours top share a meal and their presence. Wow!
  10. Being joined by Jim Lee, daughter Tracy and two of her kids for dinner. So very sweet!
  11. The most amazing slice of homemade apple pie, little sugar allowing the natural apple flavor through and such a flaky crust.
  12. A dear lady who came up to me as she was leaving to express her gratitude. She said she had resigned herself to not having a "Thanksgiving Dinner" this year because she couldn't afford it. One of her friends had told her about the church and she really enjoyed to food and companionship.
  13. The movie Wally which so many stayed to watch.
  14. Cindy staying to the very end to help make sure what needed to get done was done.
  15. I give thanks for you who are reading these ramblings,
  16. A sense of happy exhaustion as I locked the doors and drove home with unused food to take the Great Grace Center of hope tomorrow for one more day of Thanks Giving on this journey of Thanksliving. 

Copyright (c) 2011 by Richard L. Beattie, all rights reserved

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