Thursday, December 03, 2015

Gratitude Days of 2015, Day # 26

Royal Oak 2015
Christmas Tree Lighting
2015 Thanksgiving Gratitude Practice, Day 26 - Post ten things (at least) each day w/o duplicating.

  1. I am grateful that I am okay with not having all the answers
  2. Grateful for curly fries with coney chili.
  3. Grateful for Terry Jo and the ways she is expanding her comfort zone.
  4. Grateful for a sweet telephone conversation with Carol today.
  5. Grateful for Mailchimp.
  6.  Grateful for Jim Ellison remembering my name.
  7. Grateful to be part of a Team.
  8. Grateful for Doug & Dennis Lewis and their phone call today.
  9. Grateful for Royal Oak, my second home town.
  10. Grateful for a call from Rev, Gregory Gice to check on me today.

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