Monday, December 07, 2015

Gratitude Days of 2015, Day # 30

Setup for Stay Put
2015 Thanksgiving Gratitude Practice, Day 30 - Post ten things (at least) each day w/o duplicating.

  1. I am grateful for Debbie decorating two of our Christmas Trees today.
  2. I am grateful for the story Gracie wrote and recited to us.
  3. I am grateful for Carson's presence as we setup for "Stay Put."
  4. I am grateful for the ability to play music from phones and players through our sound system.
  5. Grateful for finding an easy way to hang the light string out back for tomorrow night.
  6. Grateful for the arrival of our stationary and envelopes.
  7. Grateful for Cindy's help with our first brochure.
  8. Grateful for the ways that the concept of #MoreThanAChurch inspires and pulls me.
  9. Grateful; for dark roast coffee and Tim Horton.
  10. Grateful that all of the skills I have gathered up over many years and different occupations seem to come into focus now in a way that serves.

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