Thursday, December 24, 2015

Gratitude Days of 2015, Day # 47

New Meditation Garden at St Joe's - Oakland
2015 Gratitude Practice, Day 47 - Post ten things (at least) each day w/o duplicating.

  1. Grateful for my sister's quick thinking and phone call this morning when mom's catheter came out.
  2. Grateful for the closeness of St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital.
  3. Grateful for the nurse who was so funny and supportive this morning.
  4. Grateful for the new meditation garden at the hospital.
  5. Grateful for the many people who immediately responded to my posting on FB asking for prayer.
  6. Grateful that mom just seemed to want to sleep through the experience.
  7. Grateful for the "green binder" and having a med sheet to give to the nurse.
  8. Grateful for Dion's staying at the hospital with mom when I had to leave to get ready for work.
  9. Grateful for my sister-in-law Stephanie's mother Patti Cooke's recipe for seafood cocktail and the time to prepare the dish.
  10. Grateful for Carol, Liz, Donna ans Cindy all jumping in to get things ready.
  11. Grateful for our candle lighting services this evening.
  12. Grateful for my friend Judy Lewis' attendance at the 5 pm service and her comment about having wondered if I could set aside my situation with mom and be open to being an instrument and having seen that it it happened beautifully.
  13. Grateful for Darrin, Steph and Eli attending the second service and their positive feedback.
  14. Grateful for 137 people who joined with us tonight to celebrate Jesus's birth and the movement in consciousness that is Christmas.

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