Sunday, December 20, 2015

Gratitude Days of 2015, Day # 43

A Message for CJ  Recorded  During Service
2015 Gratitude Practice, Day 43 - Post ten things (at least) each day w/o duplicating.
  1. Grateful for the talk I delivered today that flowed easily and brought a good message.
  2. Grateful for a relaxed morning.
  3. Grateful for Carol and Donna getting the replacement candles to fit in the Advent wreath.
  4. I am grateful for the music this morning especially for Stacey's bringing Breath of Heaven in a powerful and emotional way.
  5. Grateful for new blue slacks.
  6. Grateful for lunch with Marianne and Carson at Hamlin Corner.
  7. Grateful for a nap with Porkchop when I got home.
  8. Grateful to now focus on Christmas Eve which is the next "hurdle."
  9. Grateful for the pasties I bough on an excursion with mom a  few weeks ago and for having frozen some. Tasty dinner.
  10. Grateful for the response of our congregation to our giving tree (bins.)

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