Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Gratitude Days of 2015, Day # 38

Ready for Christmas
2015 Gratitude Practice, Day 38 - Post ten things (at least) each day w/o duplicating.
  1. I am grateful for a sweet visit today from my predecessor, Rev. Chuck Hancock.
  2. Grateful to learn the story behind the etched glass windows in our sanctuary.
  3. Grateful to hear that the entire roof of our Spiritual Center is only 8 years old.
  4. Grateful that there is no deep connection between the large painting in the lobby and our history.
  5. Grateful for being a witness to big "aha" moments in two very different people today.
  6. Grateful for my own deep knowing that the advice I give is for me.
  7. Grateful for the transforming power of shared ideas.
  8. Grateful for moments to catch my breath and being okay when priorities change many times in a day.
  9. Grateful for people around who are willing to question and encourage to come up higher.
  10. Grateful for emerging clarity about my office decor.

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