Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Day 17 - I Give Thanks For ...

My current gratitude practice is to share at least 10 things for which I am grateful for each day without repetition.

Today, I give thanks for:
  1. Messages of encouragement that show up right on time.
  2. CJ and her commitment to caring for our congregation.
  3. Getting my dress watch repaired quickly at Triple Crown this morning.
  4. Buying a fun novelty "rainbow" watch while I was waiting for my dress watch to be repaired.
  5. An afternoon visit with my friend Brian.
  6. For heartfelt words of assurance that arose from the depths for Lorraine.
  7. An Oral B toothbrush!
  8. Toilet paper.
  9. The dishwasher.
  10. My wonderful primary care physician!
  11. This beautifully easy Tuesday.

Grateful for another awesome day!

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