Friday, December 20, 2019

Day 27 - I Give Thanks For ...

My current gratitude practice is to share at least 10 things for which I am grateful for each day without repetition.

My Escape is Full of Love
Today, I give thanks for:
  1. For several years, I've had the joy of playing Santa to three families who are provided food including a turkey or a ham, diapers if needed and gift cards for children's gifts and clothing through the generosity of the Ford Engineering Employees Christmas Fund (ECF).
  2. A dear friend, Saundra Lamb, a now-retired Ford Engineer who connected me to this program several years ago.
  3. The amazing Ford Employees who raise the money through bake sales, paying a fee to wear jeans sometimes and contributions. Then they shop and prepare the boxes for delivery.
  4. It was cool to pull my new Ford Escape into the garage to be loaded up.
  5. There is always meat and cheese for sandwiches, my choice was  Roast beef and 3 different kinds of cheese w/o bread.
  6. Ford Sync 3, which led me to the delivery address in a different yet more direct way than I would have taken.
  7. A ring-necked Pheasant running down a neighborhood street in Detroit.
  8. A friend of one of the recipients who helped carry the boxes into the home.
  9. Meeting the two-year-old twins of one of the recipients.
  10. Learning that this lady had a promising interview during the week for a job with the Water Department in Detroit during my delivery visit and a phone call this evening telling me she had been offered a job beginning in January. Merry Christmas!
  11. A long conversation with Kathy, the sister of a woman who is making her transition.
  12. Discovering that Kathy had attended Grief & Loss with Rev. Sandy Hess.
  13. A gift and a nudge from my mentor.

In the Spirit of this Holy Season,

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